Benefit from years of experience in private industry and for NATO, our cybersecurity experts have the most up to date knowledge and experience with attacks from foreign government and organized crime


State of the art exercises

To improve your organizations core cybersecurity activities: Identify, protect, detect, respond, recover.


On site & remote support

All levels of support from experts who can improve your security and even provide a full protection service.



To improve the effectiveness of your defences, we setup and evolving your organization and processes.


High performance personnel

We help you with objective feedback within your own sourcing processes and we can find the right resources.

New EU directive

In April 2016 the European Union stated that Infrastructure companies, Datacenters and fortune 1.000 companies not only is to be held compliant with the ISO certifications and the contingency plans versus a cyber attack .

The European Union states in part. 42 that hands on training is required to establish and test the contingency plans. READ MORE HERE!

Since CYBER PROTECTOR is a consortium of the markets best providers of cybersecurity trainers +15 years NATO, we can offer a ”full package” to ensure the optimal ressources and competences for maintaing a compliant and safe IT invironment.

Who we are

CYBER PROTECTOR is a Cybersecurity service which has been providing professional solutions and services for public services and the private sector for nearly 15 years+. We are the first to deliver state of the art cyber security training programs for Private and Public Companies. Within the public sector we have an excellent record and experience across the world, including federal security, police authorities, local and European institutions and 15 years+ NATO experience. We provide the world’s largest enterprises with support and services in a diverse number of industries, including finance and service sector.

We have the world’s leading hackerinstruktors and the leading professors within it security around the world.

Our cyber security experts has the biggest knowledge and experience with attacks from foreign governments and organized crime and have found more threats than anyone else ever has.

Being European in the heart of Europe, we work closely with our partners and customers to understand and provide local solutions which are customised to meet their specific needs. As reliable partners we develop long term relationships to support evolving requirements and robust solutions.

Follow our European campaigns at our website to see when our next scheduled events are taking place.

Join us and train as you fight.

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